We welcome you to celebrate your party in style. Our guide has everything you need to make your party the biggest and best in London.

There are venues across London that offers various rooms where your guests can be comfortable and enjoy your party with choices of good food and wines, pleasant environment and impeccable services and hospitality. See what’s available.

An events manager will be able to recommend the right venue for your party. We suggest choosing a venue that can accommodate parties of up to 300 guests, so numbers are not a problem!

They may even have space that will be a good choice for smaller parties of up to 20 people or to enjoy a pre-dinner drink with your guests. We can offer you a lively Brassiere with excellent food in a traditional environment.

Click here to see nearby beauty salons to see where you can get ready before your party.

A great first impression to make a lasting impression

Parties are fun, and nothing will make a greater first impression then arriving in a supercar for all of your guests to see and be envious of. Organise a time for your guests to arrive and turn up a few moments later to show off your wheels for the evening.

The Porsche 911 GTS will be the car that makes the best first impression, simply due to its ability to reach 0-62 mph in 4 seconds and a top speed of 193 mph. The recommended retail price of a brand new GTS is £95,795; however you can experience this beauty for just £375 a day with luxury car rental! Hire the car here.

An amazing price difference to enjoy the same thrilling features.   

Other features are:

  • 2 doors
  • Automatic
  • 4 passengers

Hire the Porsche 911 GTS today

Venues in the London area

The Courtyard

This stylish restaurant with its unique continental decor its suited to accommodate groups of up to 150 guests and it offers the best in international cuisine, accompanied by a superb collection of French and International wines. The Courtyard has a unique atmosphere all on its own.

The Booking Hall

The historic Booking Hall can accommodate larger groups of guest of up to 300. This superb Hall is ideal for larger Parties or Functions.

Contact us if you would like to book a venue and we may be able to assist you. Alternatively, get in touch with Elysian Consultants.

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