For any reason, you may need a legal team to help you. It could be a family lawyer that you need, or even a criminal defence team – either way, London will have a company that could help you.

If you are faced with legal issues, yet you feel you cannot afford to contact a solicitor or lawyer, think again. Many people are eligible for a free service to help advise them on the next steps to take. Contact us.

Legal Aid:

Legal Aid helps to meet the costs of legal advice in court or tribunal. You may be eligible for advice over the phone if you live on a low income, or benefits. Telephone 0345 3454 345 today.

Law Works:

The network works together to provide free initial advice on a range of legal areas, including employment law, housing matters and debt. These services are for those who are not eligible for Legal Aid, but cannot afford a lawyer.

Find out the truth about employees

Conducting a background check on a potential employee is something that is almost essential these days. With the world globalising at such rapid rate, it is much more difficult to know if someone is telling the truth or not. Click here for an experienced private investigator in London.

A background check on employees helps employers to know the truth about who they have hired. Things such as job history and degrees are revealed so they can see how suitable they are for the role.

What can be revealed?

Addresses and phone numbers will be checked as a precaution, but more in depth information will be revealed too. Family background, bankruptcies, criminal history, previous relationships and employment history is some of many that are unfolded.